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Our story started from the unsearchable desire to have a complexion that was flawless. To achieve this our founder Esheza tried various skin lightening creams because she believed that lighter was better. This led to skin discolorations and an increase in lower self-esteem. Deciding to love herself more was the best decision she ever made. This gave birth to the journey to finding a flawless skin without the use of harmful chemicals. The name ‘Zemaye’ means ‘let us live’…. It is from the ancient city called Agenebode located in the northern part of Edo State, Nigeria….

All Skin Types

helps get rid of dry dead skin cells and restores the skin giving it a more radiant and smooth appearance. 

Pure Natural

Our Products are made with the most natural and organic ingredients to help reduces dryness

Natural Care

Our formulations are free from harmful chemicals, parabens, sulfates, and artificial fragrances.

Zemaye Skincare Regimen

Most Loved by the Customers

what our customers are saying about our product.

Sustainability Program

As part of our sustainability drive, Zemaye Body and Bath operates a recycling policy. Customers are encouraged to recycle empty product containers and the get a percentage off their next purchase. This is to foster environmental practices which is a foundation upon which this company was formed.

What Our Customers Say

I'll start off by saying that this is possibly the BEST black soap I have ever used. As an acne-sufferer, this stuff is a miracle. No exaggeration at all. Adding this soap to my skin care regimen has made all the difference. For all you other acne-sufferers out there, this soap is a very worthwhile purchase.
I was worried that the oil would leave my hair, scalp and face feeling greasy... so I was hesitating to try it. I just showered and applied the oil to my scalp and hair. It doesn’t feel greasy or dripping. It kind of feels a little sticky but soft at the same time..
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